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Bee Removal Specialists


All Creatures Wildlife Control specializes in safe Bee Removal from in the Greater Tampa Bay area including Polk County. Dustin and his team will remove bee hives from trees, bushes, roofs, chimneys, attics and more!


Dustin is a licensed bee removal expert with the state of Florida, approved by the state to perform bee removal throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area. As a wildlife expert, Dustin knows that Bee removal Tampa is very dangerous and should not be tried by yourself. Always make certain to call a professional when seeking the removal of bees from your property.


Once removed we will relocate the bees to a rehabilitation yard, keeping a close eye on them and giving them whatever resources are necessary to survive the process, if the bees survive the first winter, they will go out into a regular bee yard and provide pollination services as well as production of honey. Unfortunately, they don’t always survive.


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Bee Removal
Bee Removal Tampa

Bee Proofing to Prevent Re-Colonization

Once bee removing is complete and hive is transported to a safe place away from your home, it is vital to prevent the bees from re-migrating to the same structure to reconstruct their hive. Bee proofing is a technique of exclusion that is specialized for the prevention of structural bee infestations. Bee proofing is the most effective way to prevent this rebuilding of the hive. No one wants to pay twice to remove bees because they re-colonized. All Creatures Wildlife Control warranties all of our Bee Removal and Bee Proofing.

Bee Hive Removal and Structural Repair

Since most people don’t want the structure of their home destroyed, in most instances the bees will be euthanized. Otherwise, the structure of the home or building will be at jeopardy. Honeybees, at times, will construct their hives in structural voids. This means that disassembly is not an option. Even though the structure can not be taken apart, the removal of the Beehive is still a necessity for complete bee extraction. In cases like this, All Creatures Wildlife Removal will use safe materials to treat the beehive and then carefully extract the beehive without causing any damage or harm to the house or building.

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